Top Ten Search Engines - Top 10 SEs

Below is a listing of the top 10 search engines in the United States. These listings are displayed in ranking order for the top 5 search engines and alphabetical order for 2nd tier search engines along with links to their FAQ's and Add/Submit URI pages.

Last modified: 2008-04-07
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Search Engine Statistics - What Market Share?

2008 April: According to 2008 March figures from Hitwise...

1. Google has the largest market share of U.S. based web searches at 67%
* 2008 February 66.44%
* 2008 January 65.98%
* 2007 December 65.98%
* 2007 November 65.10%
* 2007 October 64.49%
* 2007 September 63.55%
* 2006 October 60.94%

2. Yahoo is second with a market share of 20%
* 2008 February 20.59%
* 2008 January 20.94%
* 2007 December 20.88%
* 2007 November 21.21%
* 2007 October 21.65%
* 2007 September 22.55%
* 2006 October 22.34%

3. MSN is third with a market share of 7%
* 2008 February 6.95%
* 2008 January 6.90%
* 2007 December 7.04%
* 2007 November 7.09%
* 2007 October 7.42%
* 2007 September 7.83%
* 2006 October 10.72%

4. Ask is fourth with a market share of 4%
* 2008 February 4.16%
* 2008 January 4.21%
* 2007 December 4.14%
* 2007 November 4.63%
* 2007 October 4.76%
* 2007 September 4.32%
* 2006 October 4.34%

Monday, July 21, 2008

List Building Using SEO

Search engine optimization and list building are rarely talked about together. And yet I think that if you want to maximize your list building, you really should be doing some seo things – I think that you should be getting squeeze pages to the top ten spots in the search engines.

Now you may have heard that squeeze pages don’t make it to the top ten listings. Well, maybe if you have a few bullets and a headline, maybe the search engines don’t want you there.

But the thing is, if someone gets to you from a search engine, they need a different type of squeeze page than someone that gets to you from a referral. So you probably need more than a headline and some bullets anyway. So why not write 300 words, put an opt in box at the bottom, and work on getting those pages to the top ten search results?

It really can be done – and then you control the page, not the article directories. Of course, until your pages can make it their on their own, the search engines are a great way to get started. You write articles that are keyword-optimized, the article directories get your pages in the top ten results for your word, and you get the highly – qualified traffic from the article pages.

So you really should use seo to get your squeeze pages to the top, and list build from there.

Sure, you can by PPC ads, but if you can get the search engine traffic for no additional cost, why not? Sure, it will be harder work than running a PPC ad, but PPC isn’t as easy as it seems.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to Create Traffic Online Using the Search Engines

There are two main ways how to create traffic online using the search engines. These are by having a good listing in the search engine indices and by advertising on the PPC programs that some search engines offer. Let’s have a look at the first since that is the by far the best way to create traffic if you can achieve it.

The likelihood of you creating traffic by obtaining good listings on the search engines depends very much on both your ability to optimize your website for search engines and on the competition you have on the internet for the keywords in question. First a few words about keywords. These are the search terms used by the search engine customers when seeking information. For example, if a Google user enters ‘create traffic online’ into their browser to find information on that topic, Google will search its index for sites containing these words in the order given. It then looks for sites with part of the phrase, and so on.

If you enter that phrase in Google, you will find 41 million web pages found by Google for that keyword phrase. These are presented in the order that Google feels most relevant to the phrase and of most use to Google’s customer carrying out the search. In order to become visible in the top ten, your site will have to be optimized to Google’s requirements. Here are a few tips.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SEO 3.0 The Future of Search Results

Where is the Future in Search going? With all the Social media. Web History, Personalized search results,Image search,Mash ups. Is it all too much? The answer is yes and no

Yes all these things are overwhelming but in this fast world and with the latest algorythms, we have to keep up with all these changes and updates. Now a days we use the web more and more and search more, Some of the ways the search engines help us is by simplyfying the way we do search and the way they give us the results,

As a searchers we have one thing in mind that is we want relevant results and thats the same way the Search engines think too. Due to some people who are trying to trick the search engines, the search engines change the way they show results, It is all better thou to give us as searchers good relevant results. What does that mean to us as a searcher?

Well that means that we will be getting more relevant results from search engines. But from a SEO point of view this might change, as SEO want to get their websites on top and now they have to work more and harder to get thier site on top. But it is a good thing because not everyone can get into search results easily.

The future of search will be more personalized and relevant with more options where a searcher will have more control of the search and the results they get.

Suresh Babu
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